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ImagoSport is an integrated management team with experience in a range of disciplines, providing comprehensive and professional advice to athletes, agents, clubs and firms.

What does ImagoSport do?

We seek a distinction that may give our clients a competitive advantage. We analyse and choose the best media channels for the athlete’s image to be more profitable, with special emphasis on social networks.


New technologies, internet, social networks, audiovisual platforms… The evolution of the digital world is transforming the communication landscape. ImagoSport provides advice to help the clients enhance their image through the emerging channels.


Our clients have access to hundreds of new platforms and applications, with millions of websites where their image will become stronger and more profitable. Nowadays, athletes need help to filter so many channels available. ImagoSport helps the clients identify the most suitable opportunities.


ImagoSport narrows down the variety of products and media channels available, looking for a distinction that helps to enhance and reinforce our client’s public image.

Our aim is to boost the client’s image through an efficient and professional work

Professional Team

Our team members have more than 20 years of experience in top-level media. They are specialized in personal branding and online reputation management.

Carlos Manuel Sánchez


Madrid (1977). After 14 years working for the sports newspaper MARCA, where he covers the biggest European competitions (Eurocup, Champions and UEFA), he becomes one of the main experts in personal branding regarding sports in our country. He is often invited to several TV Programs to give some lectures and debate, as in ‘Torres y Reyes‘ with Evan Hershaw-Plath on TVE2, one of the founders of Twitter.

Nacho Silván


Madrid (1973). After 18 years working in MARCA, he covered the information of the Olympic Games of Beijing and London ‘in situ’; Germany and South Africa’s World Cups and the European and World Cup tournaments of inferior categories. He is a specialist in detecting and having knowledge about young players; founded Imagosport, where he designs and coordinates Juan Mata’s communication management, dealing with more than 8 million social media followers.

Rodrigo Errasti

Rodrigo Errasti


Galdakao (1977). Passionate about the Internet, sports and communication. Journalist specialized in sports information since 1997 in national media such as Marca, Grada360 (director), Eurosport or Colpisa (in both editor-in-chief).
He has coordinated content on all supports and reported through them in World Cups, Euro Cups and European finals.

He has participated in many journalistic projects, both on the internet and new technologies. He is a commentator in various media on national and international soccer.

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