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Carlo Ancelotti: 5 million followers on Instagram

Carlo Ancelotti has reached more than 5 million followers on Instagram. The Italian coach published a video in which he thanks all his fans in several languages after surpassing a number of followers that confirms him as an international reference both inside and outside the pitch. 

The Everton manager sees social networks as part of his personal brand and daily work: “I understand the importance of these channels to get closer to the people and to know what they think”. He has more than 10 million followers throughout his official channels, but more than half of them are on Instagram, with some posts surpassing the figure of 2 million views. 

Carlo understands that every social network is different. On his second season as the Real Madrid coach, he became the first coach to make a Q&A section before a final. The coach answered questions from all his followers and #ASKANCELOTTI became World Trending Topic. 

For ImagoSport it is a privilege and a constant learning process to work with a professional like him with whom we also collaborate on his official website:  

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