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Play safe.
Saving a life is in your hands.

The experience and the prestige of Mapfre Foundation, along with the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence – Ripoll y De Prado Sport Clinic and SEMES-, have joined ImagoSport to launch the ambitious campaign named ‘Juega Seguro’. It’s an important work of all institutions in their correspondent areas that has converged in the launching of the CPR11 application, with very simple instructions and at everybody’s hands in order to save lives in case of a cardiac emergency.

In this project of such characteristics, Mapfre Foundation has relied on ImagoSport for the Campaign’s design, project management, graphic material creation, Media management and Social Network strategy. Being actively joined to the world of sport and being conscious about the importance of ‘playing safe’ in all life areas, the collaboration has been active from the managing of an exciting initiative.

Designing a Social network strategy, working in collaboration with Mapfre’s press department and participating in the creation of the event, have been some of the plenty of jobs that have been done on the last weeks.

An important number of ambassadors have been in charge of sponsoring the project. ImagoSport has made maximum level sportsmen to contribute in some way or another. Leaded by Sergio Ramos, the ‘club’ is formed by: Paco Alcácer, Kameni, Miguel García, Sergio Sánchez, Joaquín Caparrós, Ferrán Corominas, Edu Albacar, Javi Chica, Rubén de la Red, José Antonio Camacho, Javier Turienzo Álvarez, Aitor Ocio, Verónica Boquete, Sonia Bermúdez and Mikel Rico.

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