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Independiente Del Valle Celebra Su Victoria En Maracaná

Martín Anselmi reigns in South America at the helm of IDV

Independiente del Valle left Maracaná as the South American Cup Winners’ Cup champion and its coach, Martín Anselmi, as the most visible head of historical success. “The key is the team, the group. We are a family, and not from now but since June of last year that we have been building a family. New faces have joined, and we try to convey to them how we manage in here”, summed up the DT on one of the happiest nights of his short but successful professional career. 

The victory against Flamengo – Copa Libertadores champion – in the penalty shootout marks a milestone in IDV’s career. He won a trophy, not on his list of winners and added his second continental title in five months. The scenario, mythical, and the entity of the rival enhance the magnitude of what Anselmi and his squad have achieved.

Winner of the Copa Sudamericana as an assistant and as head coach 

The 37-year-old Argentine coach, assistant to Miguel Ángel Ramírez in the Copa Sudamericana won in 2019, returned to Independiente del Valle in May 2022, this time as head coach. In these months, it has lifted four trophies: Copa Sudamericana, Copa de Ecuador, Supercopa de Ecuador and Recopa Sudamericana. This spectacular record places Anselmi as one of the most promising coaches on the continent. 

Martín’s successes result from many years of work and a few beginnings – recounted in an interesting article in ‘The Coaches’ Voice’– in which, with passion and imagination, he overcame the barriers imposed by the absence of a past as a professional footballer. This fragment of the article mentioned above, corresponding to his time at Excursionistas (Argentine fourth division), is an example: “We didn’t have training grounds. We did it in a park ten blocks from the club’s facilities. We took all the material, and there, in the park, we had to fight with the dog walker on duty to make him go to another area or with a personal trainer to leave us a space”. That was his first experience as a head coach. Today he reigns with Independiente del Valle in South American football and continues to take firm steps to continue growing as a coach. 

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