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The applauded farewell of Oriol Romeu

This summer Oriol Romeu decided that it was time to start a new challenge close to home and accept Girona’s offer. That meant putting an end to his time at Southampton, where he has become a benchmark on and off the pitch in seven seasons and more than 200 games. When at ImagoSport we asked him how to communicate that decision, we understood that the best thing was to opt for a two-way approach: on the one hand, creativity in the form of a short video with a collection of moments lived over the years and, on the other, a longer video in which Oriol explained, looking at the camera, what this decision meant for him.

The result even exceeded our expectations, confirming that Oriol is an excellent communicator. Without a text to read and having very clear ideas that we had been sharing in recent days, the Catalan soccer player recorded an impeccable video that only had to be subtitled to help it reach more people.

Behind everything there is a work of many years and a process in which Oriol, curious by nature, has been maturing and learning. Everything is better understood by reading his book, auto-edited and published at the end of 2021 and that you can buy at the following link: For us it is a pride to help Oriol to improve the way of communicating and also to understand the responsibility of a footballer of his level.

In a very thoughtful decision (and also explained in a video), Oriol decided to keep his twitter account open only for cases like this. He used this channel to achieve an extraordinary impact, especially considering that his account has 33,000 followers. In total, his three tweets of the day generated 1,415,000 impressions and 1,300 messages full of love, appreciation and good wishes.

At ImagoSport we also take care of the official website of Oriol, in collaboration with The website is already updated in its three languages with the colors of Girona and ready for a new stage.

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