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Lugano Y Miguel Ángel Ramírez Con El Trofeo

Miguel Ángel Ramírez ‘wins’ the Sudamericana again

Last weekend the final of the Conmebol Sudamericana was played in Córdoba (Argentina), the second most important trophy in South America that Miguel Ángel Ramírez won with Independiente Del Valle in 2019. This time the Canarian coach attended the match as a guest of the Conmebol, but it can be said that he also won the trophy again… since Martín Anselmi, who was his assistant in the striped team and also in the adventure of Internacional in Porto Alegre, was the coach who got the second star for Independiente. “There is no discussion anymore, the titles are telling us that IDV is one of the best clubs in Latin America,” he recalled after the final 0-2 at the Mario Kempes stadium. “I am very happy and excited. Independiente del Valle feels like my own home. It has been very special because there are many emotional ties with so many people at the club and I feel everything good that happens to them as something of my own”.

And it is that Ramírez was, from humility, an active participant in this new success of the Ecuadorian club, which has become a role model throughout the continent. With him on the bench, a series of successes began that transferred the sensible and thoughtful work that is planned in his offices and training camps to the pitch. In the words of Ramírez to Ole, even before the game he warned: “They chose a way of being and doing things at the time, they wanted to surround themselves with people who could help them do that and from there they have given continuity and coherence to what what they chose.”

Thus, it is not surprising the affection shown to the Spaniard by the Independiente del Valle players who continue from their stage, in addition to those who won the Libertadores U20 during their time at the club, and others who have reached internationality thanks to him, or the hug in which he melted after the final whistle with Anselmi, who was his assistant in 2019 and now the first coach of the Ecuadorian team. “I share friendship with Martín, we were partners and he contributed a lot to me on a professional level. We get along perfectly. In the end there are no secrets: he will be a good coach in a good project and the same good coach in a bad project… he will suffer, depend on luck or he will fail. Martin is a good coach in a good project like Independiente del Valle and that is why he has won again”, he insisted after the match.

Invited by Conmebol to the match and to all the events prior to the duel, Ramírez was also the protagonist before the final: he introduced the trophy together with Diego Lugano, a legend of the Brazilian team, confirming the influence that his management style has on football on the American continent . Over the weekend, many media outlets were interested in knowing the Canarian coach’s impressions: from the Argentine Olé to Direct TV Sports or ESPN for the entire continent or also, of course, the official Conmebol channels.

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