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César Azpilicueta is an Atlético de Madrid and Spanish National Team player.

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Chelsea and Spain defender has become a benchmark thanks to his professionalism, dedication and his eagerness to succeed. His excellent physical condition and his talent for choosing the best option always makes Azpilicueta key player for all coaches.

Based in his work on the pitch and increased by his social network channels, César Azpilicueta´s image conveys closeness and empathy with the fans. The Navarre player is one of the most beloved players by Chelsea supporters. His great work ethic has been heralded by his team-mates including John Terry, who struggles to name another player who trains harder than Azpilicueta.

Well known is his successful and funny video explaining the fans how to pronounce his name. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the player from Navarra has more than 7 million followers. In 2020 he launched his own esports club, Falcons.

In 2016-17, Azpilicueta produced two goals and 7 assists in 47 official matches. He plays all minutes in the Premier League (4th player in Premier’s history -non goalkeeper- that achieves it the same year as he conquers the League).

César was among the 8 nominated players to become Premier’s best player in 2016-17. A fact that proves his importance in the conquering of the league title. Also, he was the player with the most amount of completed passes (nearly 2500).

César won the FA Cup in the 17-18 season. A title that he didn’t have and now is on his brilliant track record. This season is marked by Azpilicueta’s great performance: he becomes Chelsea’s second captain and beats his own record of matches played per season reaching 52 games with the blues.

César Azpilicueta widened his track record on May 29, 2019, after conquering his second Europa League with Chelsea. The player from Navarre lifted the Cup as the captain ending a spectacular season in which he has played 56 official matches, more than any other player in all major European leagues.

The 2020-21 season has been the definitive enshrinement of César Azpilicueta at a personal and collective level. Although the beginnings of season are often complicated, The Navarro is loyal to his commitment and teamwork principles and collaborates to take Chelsea to the Last Sixteen stage of the Champions League. Since January 2021, with the arrival of Tuchel, when Chelsea reaches their maximum level, with Azpilicueta in the pitch, culminating an excepcional season with the Champions League title. Azpilicueta lifts the trophy on the 29th of May in Oporto and reaches the sky: he was included in the Best 11 of the Season.

Career as a player

  • 2006-07. Osasuna second team
    • Debut with Osasuna first team in Spanish League. 8th of april in 2007 (Santiago Bernabéu). Days before he played with Osasuna first team at Spanish Cup.
  • 2007-10. Osasuna
    • Europe champion U-19 with Spanish Team in 2007.
    • He played 100 games with Osasuna before his 21 birthday. He got over Iñigo Larrainzar as younger player that play 100 games before 21.
  • 20010-12. Olympique Marsella
    • Season 2010-2011:
      • France Supercup and Ligue 1 Cup runner-up.
      • Ligue 1 runner-up.
      • Champions League debut on 15th september 2010.
      • Europe champion U-21 with Spanish Team (2011).
    • Season 2011-2012:
      • France Supercup and Ligue 1 Cup Champion.
      • He played 68 games with Olympique Marsella.
  • 2012-2023. Chelsea F.C.
    • Season 2012-13:
      • UEFA Europa League champion.
      • Debut with Spanish Team on 6th of february 2013. A match against Uruguay in Doha.
    • Season 2013-14:
      • Champions League semifinalist.
    • Season 2014-15:
      • Premier League and Capital One Cup Champion.
    • Season 2015-16:
      • He’ ve played 180 official games with Chelsea (3 goals and 19 assists).
      • He’ve reached 16 games with Spanish Team during France Eurocup.
    • Season 2016-17:
      • Premier League Champion.
      • Season 2017-18:
        • FA Cup Champion.
        • Season 2018-19:
        • Europa League Champion.
      • Season 20-21:
      • Champions League Champion.
      • Season 21-22:
      • European Supercup Champion.
      • FIFA Club World Cup 2022.
  • 2023-now. Atlético de Madrid

Others awards

  • Golden lineup in ‘Futbol Draft’ 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  • Silver lineup in ‘Futbol Draft’ 2007.
  • Chelsea player of the year (season 2013-2014).
  • Ballon d’Or nominee (2021).
  • Globe Soccer award nominee (2021).
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